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Product Category: Valves

Brand: Anchor/Darling
Flexible Wedge Gate Valves - Flex Wedge

The Flex Wedge valve has a single piece, optimized gate design to provide minimized seat leakage.

Parallel Slide Gate Valves - Double Disk

Providing tight shutoff under the most severe conditions, this exclusive disk and wedge design resists effects of extreme temperatures, gross thermal transients, high and low differential pressures, and dual-phase fluids.

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - 1878

High-performance 1878 piston check valves are designed for low leakage rate testing (LLRT) and are available with EPR/EPDM resilient seated discs.

Piston (Lift) Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Anchor/Darling Piston Check Valves are versatile valves designed for low or pulsating flow applications where pressure drop through the valve is not critical.

Split Wedge Gate Valves - Split Wedge

Split Wedge Gate Valves have a compact design with body guided, two piece gates that provide reliable operation and sealing.

Swing Check Valves - 1878

The 1878 Swing Check Valve is a rugged, specialized swing check valve optimally designed for use in reactor penetration and isolation applications.

Swing Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Anchor/Darling Swing Check Valves are all-purpose valves that provide economical reverse flow protection for piping system applications where flow is relatively constant.

T-Pattern Globe Valves - 1878

The 1878 T-Pattern Globe Valve is a rugged, one-piece, low-profile globe valve constructed with investment cast body/yoke assembly using the latest investment casting techniques.

T-Pattern Globe Valves - Anchor/Darling

Anchor/Darling T-Pattern Globe Valves are high-performance, investment cast stop valves designed to minimize destructive turbulence in a variety of demanding throttling applications.

Tilting Disk Check Valves - Anchor/Darling

Designed for applications requiring assured operability and controlled closure, the Anchor/Darling Tilting Disk Check Valve also maintains an open disc in the best position to minimize pressure drop.

Y-Pattern Globe Valves - 1878

Versatile, reliable Y-pattern globe valve designed with ideal size and weight parameters to deliver maximum utility when new or replacement Class 600, 900 and 1500 valves are required.

Y-Pattern Globe Valves - Anchor/Darling

Y-Pattern Globe Valves are high performance, investment cast globe valves designed to minimize destructive turbulence in a variety of demanding throttling applications.