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Flowserve-Gestra-Accessories - Gestra Temperature Sensor

Accessories - Gestra Temperature Sensor

BRAND: Gestra

Gestra Temperature Sensors are temperature sensors according to DIN EN 14597. The temperature feeler Pt 100 integrated in the protection tube has a temperature-specific resistance. The temperature switches TRS 5-6 or TRS 5-8 measure the resistance and give an alarm according to the limit settings. Application in steam and (pressurized) hot water installations to TRD 604 and all kinds of heat generating units.

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industry sectors

  • Conventional Steam
  • Combined Cycle
  • Biomass and MSW
  • Other Industries

PED 97/23/EC

Design Range

Size Range: 100 - 400 mm

Pressure Class Range: TRG 5-53, TRG 5-54:
nominal length 100/160/250 mm
40 bar g (580 psig), 251°C (484°F)
36 bar g (522 psig), 400°C (752°F)
nominal length 400 mm
18 bar g (261 psig), 400°C (752°F)
TRG 5-55, TRG 5-57:
160 bar g (2321 psig), 345°C (653°F)
120 bar g (1741 psig), 540°C (1004°F)
TRG 5-63
Nominal length 100, 160, 250 mm
36 bar at 251 °C
Nominal length 400 mm
18 bar at 400 °C
TRG 5-64
Nominal length 100, 160, 250 mm
36 bar at 251 °C
Nominal length 400 mm
18 bar at 400 °C
TRG 5-65, TRG 5-66
160 bar at 345 °C
120 bar at 540 °C
TRG 5-67, TRG 5-68
150 bar at 600 °C

Features & Benefits

The temperature sensors features an exchangeable temperature sensing element Pt 100, IEC 751. To ensure short response times the temperature sensors are installed without an additional thermowell.


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