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The Flowserve MaxFlo 4™ — a high-performance eccentric rotary plug control valve — can stand up to complex installations and maintenance hurdles while tackling the toughest wear, tear and decay and boasting the highest Cv rating. 

With nearly 200 years of experience solving fluid management problems, Flowserve has the knowhow and superior engineered products that bring our fluid management offerings under one umbrella to expedite projects with flexibility and efficiency.

See what MaxFlo 4 can do for your business

Operational efficiency and ROI

MaxFlo 4 features a non-crossover shaft for unobstructed flow and up to 70 percent greater capacity, which means smaller valves and greater savings compared to other ERP control valves. It’s the most economical eccentric rotary plug control valve in the market.

Fast installation and easy maintenance

The MaxFlo 4 shimless seat reduces installation time and simplifies product assembly while the flanged end post reduces process downtime. Plus, the heavy-duty rigid metal seat with hard-faced or soft-seat options provides tighter shutoff and easier maintenance.

Reliability and safety

The Max Flo 4 blow-out proof shaft provides customers with greater reliability and safety. The MaxFlo 4 offers this as a standard feature  — unlike most other eccentric rotary plug control valves whose blow-out proof shaft is an expensive option with long lead times.

Precise connectivity and durability

The MaxFlo 4's polygon connection is a proven superior method for stronger mechanical connections between the shaft and plug, so you experience a higher degree of precision in control applications and a substantially longer service life.

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