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LPG-fueled vehicles can produce less harmful emissions to the environment, and LPG is usually less expensive than gasoline. It can be used without degrading vehicle performance, and in a spill, it quickly evaporates without contaminating the ground or water.

Reduced carbon emissions and high savings of up to 40% over gasoline have led to Auto LPG becoming the most widely used alternative fuel for automobiles. Free of any impurities, Auto LPG burns clean and emits very low carbon and soots — improving engine life and performance. Flowserve PCX, the next generation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) pumps, offers a range of benefits for OEMs and fuel stations alike. Flowserve combines the technology of a side-channel pump with a new electronic drive to eliminate the risks of leaking, misalignment, and difficulties during start-up.

The innovative PCX pump is reliable, safe and easy-to-operate, making it an excellent choice for filling LPG vehicles.

  • Reduced complexity during installation — the integrated intelligent electronic board enables the pump to operate in two applications: either in an underground tank or in an above-ground tank
  • Lower total cost of ownership — having fewer seals to fail means reduced restarts, which lowers maintenance costs and increases energy savings
  • Safer installation and operation — the pump is ATEX and IEC-Ex certified to comply with the highest worldwide safety standards for an explosive area

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