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Valtek® Compressor Anti-Surge Valve

Achieve maximum productivity while reducing the risks of a surge

The Flowserve Valtek Compressor Anti-Surge Valve represents a revolutionary solution to anti-surge control by combining precise control and exceptional responsiveness in a simple, reliable package. Now, operators can achieve maximum productivity while reducing the risks of a surge.

Flowserve engineered the Valtek Compressor Anti-Surge Valve to overcome the common challenges seen in compressor applications, where compressor surge can cause equipment failure and downtime. The Valtek compressor anti-surge solution protects the compressor from catastrophic surge damage by providing exceptional response for driving the valve open when needed and in a steady-state position when in recycle.

Valtek® Compressor Anti-Surge Valve

Precision control and fast stroke speed

The Logix 3800JF™ positioner balances the needs for speed and precision, delivering exceptionally fast stroke speed coupled with precision control. By applying a two-stage control loop for both valve position and pneumatic JetFlow™ relay position, this intelligent positioner overcomes the conflict between precision and speed with reduced overshoot.

Reliable and simple to set up and tune

The Logix 3800JF positioner delivers reliable performance in harsh environments. The JetFlow relay contains only two moving parts, which reduces complexity and eliminates the need for volume boosters. Dynamic autotuning and commissioning of the valve are accomplished in minutes with a single push of the calibration button. 

Ease of maintenance and upgrades

Plant technicians can tune and repair the valve without relying on factory experts. The Logix 3800JF valve positioner allows easy upgrades through simplified retrofit with existing installations.

Noise and vibration control

Advanced noise control trim, such as MegaStream™ and Stealth™, enables high flow rates while keeping emitted noise and resulting vibration levels low. Limiting noise reduces vibration, which can otherwise cause system wear or damage, resulting in additional maintenance labor and costs.

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