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Is your business seeking a complete water solution? Do you face operational challenges that can be better centralized by a single reliable partner? Flowserve can solve these problems and keep your water application process running at peak performance. Meet our senior water product managers and business development experts at Singapore International Water Week, taking place July 8-12. Learn how our total solutions approach and complete fluid motion and control portfolio can enable you to spend less time evaluating and more time achieving results.

Explore Flowserve’s industry-leading, cost-efficient water solutions

Visit our exhibition booth B2-L30 and speak with Flowserve water application engineers, product managers, division managers and sales specialists who represent a comprehensive portfolio of pump, seal, valve and Intelligent Performance Solutions (IPS) products and services. We’ll be on site June 9-11 to share our best practices in the water industry with you and provide product demonstrations to show you the strengths and competitive advantages of Flowserve’s water solutions.

Our water specialists will be available to answer questions and address any product application issues you may have, from the very simple to the complex. Also, we’ll be happy to provide further detail and insight into the water application use cases provided below.

  • For a major upgrade to a seawater desalination plant in Cyprus, Flowserve brought together high-pressure feed pumps and energy recovery devices to meet the ever-growing need for fresh drinking water at an even lower cost.
  • In Singapore desalination plants, Flowserve LNN pumps and DMX pumps help plants produce 136 million liters per day of desalinated water to better satisfy the nation’s growing water demand in a reliable and cost efficient manner.
  • In northern Bangkok in Thailand, Flowserve concrete volute pumps protect local communities living in the acre Pasak River Basin from cycles of drought and flood.
  • In southeast Australia, Flowserve LNN pumps irrigate thousands of hectares of almond trees in arid regions, in a highly-efficient use of power and water.
  • Numerous vertical turbine pumps and auxiliary pump services were applied to worldwide water projects and support water and desalination facilities.
  • Flowserve mechanical seals such as ISC2 series and PSS 4 split seal are well suited to sustain long-term continuous operation and the lowest energy cost sealing device for slurry applications and wastewater treatment; a complete range of pretreatment butterfly valves, automated valve systems can be applied in diverse applications found in SWRO desalination; and loT technology and services, including IPS diagnostic and predictive capabilities improve plant performance and reliability.

Learn about today’s trends and challenges in water applications

We invite you to attend our on-site, mini lecture education sessions at Flowserve’s booth B2-L30.


Flowserve senior water and desalination experts will share modern trends and challenges in water and RO desalination, and explain how you can better achieve your business objectives by leveraging our complete line of pumps, power recovery systems and technical support designed to ensure a cost-effective water solution with optimal efficiency.

Days and Times:

July 09 | 14:30-15:30   

July 10 | 14:30-15:30

Dive into our water products, literature and services

In addition to extensive flow-control engineering and application expertise, Flowserve provides water customers a comprehensive line of pumps, seals and valves and end-to-end service offerings, including innovative technologies to take your operations from reactive to predictive to help you reduce expenses, minimize risk and maximize performance.


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Why Flowserve

Lower operating costs. Mitigate risks. Increase productivity. Customers across the globe look to Flowserve’s engineered and industrial pump products, seals and sealing systems, valves, specialty equipment and aftermarket services to keep their key flow control processes running smoothly. With nearly 200 years of experience solving fluid management problems and operating in more than 55 countries, Flowserve creates extraordinary flow control solutions to help businesses keep moving forward and to help make the world better for everyone.