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Angel CantareroFlowserve will participate in the CSP Focus Innovation, taking place in Xi’an, China October 25-26, 2018.

This is an excellent opportunity to hear from Angel Cantarero, Flowserve’s FCO global manager of concentrated solar power (CSP) account and industry, as he delivers a technical presentation entitled “Design Considerations and Supply Experience in Molten Salt Tower Down-comer Control Valves”.

With 20 years of project experience on valve applications, Angel will cover how to maintain reliable flow control and achieve a CSP plant’s specified performance when installing valves. Flowserve’s pump and valve sales teams will also be on-site to answer questions from attendees.

His presentation will discuss molten salt behavior and its challenges under severe process conditions of both high temperature and pressure; valve protection against solar salt freezing-thaw cycles; severe service valves for molten salt phase changes; and control of pressure pulses in a tower’s down-comer station.

This presentation is specifically targeted for developers, designers, consultants, EPC contractors and operators.

The growth of CSP in China

China’s potential solar-thermal power generating capacity is estimated to be 42 000 MW-hours (42 million kW-hours). Experts predict that Earth’s total installed solar capacity will increase nearly 96% between 2018 and 2026 — from 338.4 to 662.3 GW — of which China will make up almost 22%.

With unparalleled CSP experience with heat transfer fluids and thermal power stations, Flowserve has been instrumental in the success of China’s first series of CSP pilot projects. Now the second round of the country’s CSP pilot projects is being prepared by the Chinese government. Flowserve is poised to meet China’s CSP operating efficiency and stability challenges with its proven technological applications.

Flowserve is committed to CSP customers

concentrated solar powerFlowserve pump, valve and seal groups collaboratively work to develop and support optimally designed and fully integrated process equipment. Our combined experience with heat transfer fluids — including thermal oil, molten salt, water, steam, air and extreme weather conditions — gives Flowserve complete system knowledge, providing CSP operators the peace of mind to focus on harnessing the clean energy of the sun.

Flowserve’s product portfolio provides durable functionality and solid stability in challenging CSP applications such as parabolic trough, tower and molten salt thermal energy storage. Flowserve works with customers to improve efficiency, maximize throughput and control process quality.

With extensive experience in power generation, unmatched technologies and best-in-class technical know-how, Flowserve is the trusted choice for the concentrated solar power industry. No matter where customers are located, Flowserve can provide pumps, valves and seals that stand up to the most punishing conditions. Strategically located Quick Response Centers (QRCs) are staffed by highly skilled engineers and technicians who are available around the clock, seven days a week to respond to customer queries, troubleshoot problems and provide reliable solutions.

Learn more about Flowserve’s CSP capabilities:

Flowserve’s portfolio of CSP products includes:

We look forward to seeing you at CSP Focus Innovation 2018, and invite you to visit our specialists.