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Flowserve is proud to showcase concentrated solar power products at the 12th Annual CSP Madrid Conference & Exposition November 13-14, 2018, in Madrid, Spain. We will feature a Valtek Mark One globe control valve and a Flowserve molten salt vertical turbine pump to demonstrate how these world-class products deliver unmatched performance and help CSP technology developers and operators reduce total cost of ownership.Concentrated Solar Power

Partner with a global CSP leader

Flowserve has been active in concentrated solar power since the industry began, and our products were instrumental in the first ever commercial-scale CSP project. Through the years, we have continued to be an industry leader in product innovation, performance and reliability. Our products are precisely engineered and constructed to provide consistent performance for concentrated solar power generation.

Flowserve provides an unmatched combination of equipment, materials and ancillary systems for efficient operation and extended reliability in the most demanding CSP environments. This means less unplanned downtime and a reduced need for unforeseen repair and maintenance incidents — all of which results in lower total costs of ownership.

Moreover, Flowserve works with customers to improve efficiencies, maximize throughput and control process quality. From on-site technical assistance to equipment upgrades to broader project planning with full turnkey responsibility, Flowserve delivers professional, reliable results.

Get answers to your solar power application questions

Flowserve CSP valve and pump experts will be available to answer questions and address any product application issues you may have, from the simple to the complex. Our team’s experience in the global CSP industry includes Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Asia Pacific.

Meet our valve and pump specialists and learn more about what we offer. You’ll walk away with an enhanced understanding of our essential CSP valve and pump equipment features and how we can help solve your specific challenges.

Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions that we’ll be happy to address with you on- site:

  1. Which valve or pump type would best suit my CSP application?
  2. Whom do I contact for commercial and technical requirements for CSP valves and pumps?
  3. What aftermarket support do you provide for CSP products?
  4. What is the experience of Flowserve in molten salt tower down-comer control valves?
  5. Can Flowserve supply the entire scope of valves in a CSP plant?
  6. What regions does Flowserve cover for solar power applications?

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Watch feature product demos

Our product demos will show you the strengths and competitive advantages of Flowserve solutions.

Flowserve valves are constructed on physically optimized global platforms to provide durable functionality and solid stability in challenging CSP applications. These high-performance solutions offer greater reliability, precise operation and significantly reduced packing leakage.

Facts about Valtek Mark One globe control valve

  • Ideal for molten salt and heat transfer fluids as well as severe service applications required in a solar power plant.
  • Reduces packing leakage and eliminates cavitation and noise and increases reliability and uptime.
  • Solves problems with a variety of available options such as valve bonnet electric heat tracing and severe service option
  • Preferred by customers due to its small, compact, lightweight body and actuator package and broad but flexible solutions envelope

Flowserve pumps are especially engineered to handle demanding applications, including molten salt, high-temperature heat transfer fluids (HTF), superheated feed water, condensate and cooling water. No other pump company in the world can offer a product line that includes pumps for every CSP application.

Facts about Flowserve molten salt vertical turbine pump (VTP)

  • Ideal for all high temperature molten salt applications required in trough, tower or demonstration CSP plants.
  • Reduces plant operating costs and submergence requirements while increasing reliability, heat dissipation and uptime.
  • Solves problems with high-pressure requirements, long-shaft installations, heat dissipation and vibration.
  • Preferred by customers due to its practical design features, unrivaled engineering and performance reliability in commercial CSP plants around the globe.

Flowserve invites you to visit our exhibit and learn how Flowserve raises the bar on reliability, performance stability and longevity for solar power plant operations to ensure long-term success.

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With our extensive experience in power generation, proven valve solutions, unmatched pumping technology and unparalleled aftermarket service offerings, Flowserve is the trusted choice for renewable energy generation. Read more about our high-performance CSP valves and CSP pumps.


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We look forward to seeing you at the CSP Madrid 2018 Conference & Exhibition, and invite you to visit our specialists.