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Flowserve will participate in the World Nuclear Exhibition, one of the leading events for the global nuclear industry, taking place in Paris June 26-28, 2018. This is an excellent opportunity to experience and evaluate Flowserve’s nuclear power solutions and meet our pumps, valves and seals specialists.

Meet our nuclear power solutions experts

We invite you to come by booth J129 to meet with our product specialists and nuclear industry experts. Our team of Europe, Middle East and Africa-based sales specialists, nuclear power product managers, technical and business development experts, application engineers, and division directors and managers look forward to meeting you and discussing your operational challenges and production needs.

Learn firsthand how we meet this industry’s stringent demands for safety, performance and servicing. We can do the heavy lifting so you can better allocate your time, resources and budget to running safe, reliable and profitable plant operations and nuclear application projects.

Learn about our nuclear experience, certifications and compliance record

From the first nuclear plants in the 1950s to today’s third-generation designs, Flowserve has helped power the nuclear industry and has been a pioneer of many significant advancements in pumping technology to meet the requirements of nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) and balance of plant (BOP) or steam-side fluid movement and control applications.

Flowserve provides Class 1, 2 and 3 safety-related equipment, parts, repairs and services. More than 5,000 Flowserve pumps and 15,000 valves have been installed in over 200 nuclear power plants around the world. We also provide a range of nuclear services in support maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

We are certified in / knowledgeable of ASME Section III, RCC-M, JSME and HAF 604, and we are in complete compliance with U.S. Regulation 10CFR50 Appendix B and equivalent international standards such as IAEA GS-R-3. We also maintain a Nuclear Repair stamp for ASME Section III Code repairs and replacements.

Get answers to your nuclear application questions

Our specialty nuclear product experts offer more than 100 years of collective experience and will be available to answer questions and address any product application issues you may have, from the very simple to the complex. You will gain insider's knowledge that is essential to providing reliable nuclear power services and increasing product life reliability and maintainability. Here are some frequently asked questions, which we will be happy to address with you on-site:

1. What are your available products for the turbine island?

2. What are your available products for the nuclear island?

3. Do you have capabilities to proceed to maintenance in the nuclear zone?

4. How do you ensure compliance with local technical standards?

5. Which nuclear reactor design are you familiar with?

Watch feature product demos

Visit us at booth J129 to view product demonstrations, receive technical literature and ask questions. Our product demos will show you the strengths and competitive advantages of Flowserve’s nuclear power solutions.

Facts about Flowserve Concrete Volute Pump:

  • Ideal for atypical high-capacity water application such as the water intake in a nuclear power plant
  • Significantly reduces on-site construction time and costs due to prefabricated components
  • Significantly increases pump life while lowering materials costs and minimizing maintenance
  • Solves problems with vibration and provides excellent corrosion and erosion resistance
  • Preferred by customers for its high quality, simple installation and reliable delivery cycles

Facts about Flowserve Edward MSIV/MFIV Valve and Actuator Systems:

  • Ideal for meeting the latest, most demanding requirements of the nuclear industries
  • Reduces closure times required under all specified and potential plant operating and environment conditions
  • Preferred by customers for its simplified modular design, high reliability and ability to perform safety-related functions regardless of main steam-side system conditions or loss of electrical power

Facts about Flowserve N-Seal:

  • Regarded as the world’s most advanced nuclear sealing technology
  • Increases nuclear plant reliability and availability
  • Has helped nuclear plants throughout North America, Europe and Asia achieve maximum benefits 

Flowserve invites you to come to booth J129 and learn how Flowserve raises the bar on specialized pumps, valves and seals for nuclear plant operations to ensure long-term success.

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Dive into our nuclear power video and literature

In addition to extensive flow-control engineering and application expertise, Flowserve provides nuclear power generation customers a comprehensive line of pumps, valves and seals for new and replacement applications, a full menu of MRO parts and service. and personalized technical support.


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Why Flowserve

Lower operating costs. Mitigated risks. Higher productivity. Customers across the globe look to Flowserve’s engineered and industrial pump products, seals and sealing systems, valves, specialty equipment and aftermarket services to keep their key flow control processes running smoothly. With nearly 200 years of experience solving fluid management problems and operating in more than 55 countries, Flowserve creates extraordinary flow control solutions to help businesses keep moving forward and to help make the world better for everyone.


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