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Flowserve will demonstrate products relevant to the nuclear industry, including: Edward Globe Valve, Edward Gate Valve, Edward Y-globe Valve and CVP. Our deep understanding of Nuclear makes Flowserve the recognized expert and supplier of choice to the industry. With more than 5,000 pumps and 15,000 valves installed in over 200 nuclear reactors worldwide, Flowserve is an industry leader in the rapidly developing nuclear power market.

China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry Meet our experts on site

On April 27-29, 2017, Flowserve will participate in the 12th China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry taking place in Beijing.Visit our booth at 3F 12&14 in Hall 3 of the China International Exhibition Center.

Recognized as a significant large-scale trade and technology event, the exhibition attracts nearly 200 nuclear power enterprises and research institutes from more than 10 countries, including China, the United States and France, as well as thousands of visitors serving the comprehensive nuclear power industry.

Learn about our extensive experience

After pioneering technology, products and services in flow management for the power generation industry, Flowserve has played a prominent role in the development of the nuclear power industry since its inception in the late 1940s. Dating back to the early days in Chinese nuclear power, Flowserve developed strong relationships and worked successfully to become known as a reliable supplier for many of the new nuclear plants.

Discover our quality-and safety-certified solutions

Today, global commercialization and the newest generation of advanced reactor designs allows Flowserve to engineer new pump models and modify existing designs to fit the specific application conditions of new reactors. Flowserve has already achieved certified supplier status with several advanced reactor design firms, and the company is proud to offer a full complement of valves, actuators and services for the nuclear industry with various necessary certificates. With a dedicated team of engineering, field service, quality assurance and production experts, Flowserve is committed to providing products, services and solutions with industry-leading reliability, efficiency and quality.

Get to know our achievements

Flowserve was honored to supply Main Steam Isolation Valves to the first Chinese commercial nuclear power generation plant at Daya Bay more than 20 years ago. Flowserve is also honored to be awarded the contract to supply 8 units of CVS makeup pumps for the first units of the AP1000 NNP in China as early as 2009, and is supplying 18 additional CVS pumps for AP1000 NNP under construction in China, including the Taohuajiang Project which is the first inland NPP in China.

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