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Flowserve will showcase our Anchor/Darling, Edward and Valtek brand nuclear valves and actuators at the MOV Users Group (MUG) Conference January 15-17 and AOV Users Group (AUG) Conference January 17-19, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Meet our nuclear valve experts

Precision, safety, expertise and support are the hallmarks of Flowserve’s nuclear power solutions. Customers from around the world trust and recognize our quality-and safety-certified nuclear valve products. Learn firsthand how we meet this industry’s stringent demands for exceptional safety standards, peak performance and rapid servicing. Come by booth #133 to chat with our product specialists and technical experts.

Gain technical insight

We invite you to attend a technical presentation co-presented by Flowserve on Tuesday morning of the conference.

Presentation: “Anchor/Darling Double Disc Gate Valves, Review of Updated 10 CFR Part 21”

Description: Gain technical insight into the 10 CFR Part 21 report filed with the US NRC in July 2017 including the updated generic design issues and recommended resolutions. Also included is a discussion on the updated BWROG technical guidelines provides support to the operating plants for their valve resolutions.

Speakers: Combined, our speakers have more than 100 years of experience in nuclear valve design, analysis and operations support:

  • Brian Kibler, PE, Xcel Energy MOV Engineer and BWR Owners Group VTRG Chairman
  • Mark Cowell, PE, Flowserve Engineering Specialist
  • Floyd Bensinger, PE, Flowserve Product Portfolio Manager, Nuclear Valves of Flowserve-Raleigh

Get answers to your nuclear valve questions

Our nuclear valve experts will be available to answer questions and address your product application issues, from the basic to the complex. Here are just some of the frequently asked questions that we’ll be happy to address with you:

  1. What are the maintenance requirements of the Flowserve main steam isolation valves?
  2. How do you torque the stem/upper wedge assemblies of Anchor/Darling Double Disc gate valves?
  3. What is the maximum torque to be applied to the stem/upper wedge assemblies of Anchor/Darling Double Disc gate valves?
  4. How do I get technical support for my installed Anchor/Darling, Edward or Valtek valves?

Learn about our history and leadership

Since the advent of commercial nuclear power, Flowserve’s Anchor/Darling, Edward and Valtek valves have been in continual use for critical applications at commercial nuclear power generation plants across the globe. Moreover, our experienced technical experts have supported the successful operations of these plants.

Please feel free to stop by our booth to discuss how we can help you solve your power plant’s challenges using nuclear valve applications. Our extensive valve portfolio covers severe service control valves, gate valves, globe valves and check valves including main steam isolation valves (MSIVs), main feedwater isolation valves (MFIVS), motor-operated and air-operated gate and globe valves, control valves, and check valves. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can better allocate your time, resources and budget on running safe, reliable and profitable operations.

Dive into our nuclear valve video, products and literature

In addition to extensive flow control engineering and application expertise, Flowserve provides our nuclear power generation customers a comprehensive product line of valves and actuators for new and replacement applications, technical support and a full menu of MRO parts and service.


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