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Join Flowserve at the IoT in Oil & Gas Conference Sept. 16--17 and learn how IoT and predictive analytics can improve system reliability and operational performance throughout the oil and gas industry. Plant owners and operators can now utilize our condition monitoring predictive analytics to increase uptime, improve worker safety and productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership. 

Flowserve's new offering not only collects operational data and tells you how your pumps are performing but can also interpret the overwhelming amount of complex equipment performance data being generated. This can enable plant reliability engineers, operators and maintenance personnel to know when their equipment will fail, why it will fail, and what they can do to prevent it.

Let us do the heavy lifting 
Conference attendees will have the opportunity to speak directly with Flowserve R&D managers and IoT specialists who will discuss why it is important to combine IoT technologies with our deep technical rotating equipment and flow control expertise. Plant owners will learn how IoT technologies can lead to maintenance and energy savings and an increase in production, while plant technicians will realize the benefits of moving from reactive to predictive maintenance. Let Flowserve's IoT specialists help you implement an end-to end solution for IoT deployment, including sensors, data acquisition and transmission, cloud visualization portals and data history. 

Flowserve IoT technologies
Flowserve has more than five years of experience in wireless monitoring and cloud data visualization. And now we're an industry leader in the use of engineered algorithms for predictive analytics within the pump, valve and seal categories. Our condition monitoring and predictive analytics have been proven to work in the most critical oil and gas environments. 

Flowserve presentation
Tuesday, Sept. 17

Aric Zurek, Director of Aftermarket Services and Solutions for Flowserve, will lead a discussion on deploying IoT and predictive analytics to improve system reliability and performance in the oil and gas industry. His presentation will review several case studies in which industrial companies successfully implemented Flowserve IoT technologies to detect, diagnose, repair and predict critical equipment failures before they led to crippling downtime. 

About Aric Zurek
Aric Zurek is a global executive and leading innovator, with more than 20 years of experience in the power generation, oil and gas, and general industries. As Flowserve's Director of Aftermarket Services and Solutions, he is responsible for leading and shaping the strategy for a $1.6B global product portfolio of flow-related parts, repairs, services and seals for oil and gas, power, petrochemical, water, mining and general industry applications. 

Aric leads investment decisions and prioritizes Flowserve's research and development program to optimize growth and profitability for the company. He also directs several focused growth initiatives, including the expansion of Flowserve's global services capabilities, enlarging an already world-class seals business, and championing the company's growing lead in the industry via a rapidly developing suite of high-tech and AI-powered products and services.

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Deploying IoT & Predictive Analytics to Improve System Reliability & Performance

Aric Zurek

02:00 pm to 02:30 pm