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Visit Flowserve in booth #184 at the 32nd World LPG Forum and European Congress, taking place from Sept. 25-26 in Amsterdam. Learn how we support the LPG market with high-quality standard equipment as well as innovative liquid pumps, including multistage centrifugal pumps and side channel pumps. 

Join our sales specialists and technical experts as they discuss Flowserve's system expertise for demanding applications in the fields of process energy and environmental technology. They will be available to answer questions on how Flowserve applications can help improve the reliability, safety and ease of operation for filling LPG vehicles. Customers will gain an insider's knowledge that is essential to achieving reduced installation complexity, the highest safety standards and low cost of ownership.

Learn more about Flowserve SIHI® pumps

For nearly 100 years, Flowserve SIHI liquid and vacuum pumps, compressors and systems have enhanced our position as the world's leading supplier of chemical process pumps and systems in some of the world's harshest and most demanding environments.
The SIHI brand is trusted globally by customers who have come to expect safe, reliable and robust performance - year after year. Customers select SIHI industrial process and chemical side channel pumps to help reduce lifecycle costs through minimal maintenance, low downtime, reduced power consumption and no effluent costs.

SIHI pump types PC-X and SM-X

The SIHI pump type PC-X can be used in two LPG car filling station designs: aboveground tanks equipped with flooded suction, and underground tanks in suction lift operation. The PC-X pump can also be adapted to handle two nozzles from one pump. Its integrated intelligent electronic board enables it to operate as a side channel blower during the priming stage, which eliminates the need to use a complex degassing system and helps lower energy costs by reducing the number of restarts.

The SIHI pump type SM-X can replace other submersible pumps used in most LPG car filling stations. Due to its design, this pump can be installed without a bypass valve; an internal bypass secures the minimum flow of the pump. The well-known reliability of the side channel pump is combined with the safe use and the simple design of a submersible pump. Additionally, a single pump can be used for operating two nozzles, which adjusts energy consumption to the exact need of the installation.

Register today to witness both SIHI pump types in action. We hope to see you there!