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Join Flowserve at the 2019 Calgary Pump Symposium

Join us on Sept. 26 and 27 at the Calgary Pump Symposium, an independent, not-for-profit event that provides educational training for those in the pump industry. The two-day show will include short courses (26th), technical presentations, discussion groups and vendor exhibits (27th). 

The Calgary Pump Symposium is an ideal place for attendees to gain valuable insights from pump technicians and experts alike and network with other pump professionals.

Flowserve will be on hand to discuss our full pump and seal product portfolio and provide information on the latest pumps and seal/system configurations that enhance safety, increase reliability, and reduce total cost of ownership. Our experts can help you:

  • Improve your knowledge of rotating equipment and related accessories
  • Gain insights into how pumps impact system performance as a whole
  • Solve challenges by selecting the correct pumps and seals/systems for specific applications


Participate in the pump course

One of the best ways to increase your product knowledge is to learn directly from an expert. At the Calgary Pump Symposium, Johnny Van Der Linden, global product manager for Flowserve, will lead a course on pump selection. He will discuss how to evaluate, compare and select the right pump for specific applications and also share a variety of case studies exploring how pumps were key to overcoming common industry challenges. 

Specifically, Van Der Linden will address pump selection in the following applications:

  • Light hydrocarbon 
  • Viscous 
  • Light abrasive services
  • Low-NPSHA 
  • Self-priming and sump pumps
  • Low-shear 
  • Run-dry 
  • Low-flow, high-head 

About Johnny Van Der Linden
Johnny Van Der Linden is a Global Product Manager in the Marketing & Technology group at Flowserve Corporation. Since starting his career in the pumping industry in 1995, he has logged time in a variety of areas: application engineering, field services, sales, educational services, root cause analysis and product management. He has 25 years of experience in the pump industry and has had multiple assignments throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Participate in the seal course

Join the course on mechanical seals and ABSA/CRN. This is an intermediate, dual- purpose course focusing on increasing seal and system knowledge for those who already have some experience, and a discussion on the requirements and applicability of the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)/Canadian Registration Number (CRN). The course will be co-presented by Andrew Mathias, Project Manager, OEM sales, North America for Flowserve. 

Course outline
Mechanical seals

  • When to select a single seal, dual unpressurized seal, dual pressurized seal, or a seal with a 'backup' containment seal and the appropriate piping plans for each
  • Analysis of case studies where improper seal selection and/or seal system piping plans could have or did result in unreliable or troublesome operation
  • Conduct a detailed observation analysis to identify and resolve mechanical seal failures associated with rotating equipment
  • Overview of mechanical seal engineering principles
  • API piping plan overviews and best practices for the most common plan types


  • Applicability of ABSA/CRN for mechanical seal systems and small-bore pump piping
  • Design registration exceptions
  • Accountability and reliability
  • Pressure Safety Valve requirements

Courses will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 26. You can register for the seals course today or review the complete list of courses offered at the event here.

About Andrew Mathias
Andrew Mathias began his career with Flowserve in 1980 and has worked in the U.K., Saudi Arabia and Canada. Andrew has held positions in technical sales, field service and operations, and is presently District Manager for Project Sales in Canada supporting OEMs and engineering companies.

You can find more information on the Calgary Pump Symposium here. 

We hope to see you in Calgary! 

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Intermediate Mechanical Seals and ABSA/CRN Discussion

Andrew Mathias

08:00 am to 05:00 pm

Pump Selection

Johnny Van Der Linden

08:00 am to 05:00 pm