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Flowserve pumps used in concentrated solar power plant

In 2012, Tonopah Solar Energy, LLC, enlisted Flowserve to provide pumps for their Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project.

Located near Tonopah, Nevada, this concentrated solar power plant utilizes mirrors to focus the sun’s energy on a central receiver that sits atop a tower. The 110-megawatt solar energy project’s “molten salt power tower” design captures and stores the sun’s thermal energy. The liquid molten salt, which is pumped to the receiver atop the tower where it captures the thermal energy, is then piped down to tanks that store the energy until it’s needed. The stored heat is then used to generate steam to power a standard steam turbine and generate electricity. This innovative solar power plant is expected to generate more than 500,000 megawatt hours per year, enough to supply electricity to more than 75,000 homes when it comes online in 2013.

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