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LY NCU Wiring Matrix

*Title of each Drawing downloads the file.

  Optional Equipment
Drawing Number Motor Phases Potentiometer Signal Converter Remote Control Station Type Other
17-499-0105-3 1ph       N/A
17-499-0108-3 1ph     SW323 N/A
17-499-0109-3 1ph     SW320 N/A
17-499-0106-3 1ph X     N/A
17-499-0107-3 1ph X   SW323 N/A
17-499-0110-3 1ph X   SW320 N/A
17-499-0051-3 1ph   X   N/A
17-499-0084-3 1ph   X SW323 N/A
17-499-0111-3 1ph   X SW320 N/A
17-499-0112-3 3ph       N/A
17-499-0115-3 3ph     SW323 N/A
17-499-0116-3 3ph     SW320 N/A
17-499-0117-3 3ph X     N/A
17-499-0118-3 3ph X   SW323 N/A
17-499-0119-3 3ph X   SW320 N/A
17-499-0120-3 3ph   X   N/A
17-499-0121-3 3ph   X SW323 N/A
17-499-0122-3 3ph   X SW320 N/A
17-499-0525-3 1ph     CS N/A
17-499-0526-3 1ph X   CS N/A
17-499-0527-3 1ph   X CS N/A
17-499-0528-3 3ph     CS N/A
17-499-0529-3 3ph X   CS N/A
17-499-0530-3 3ph   X CS N/A