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LY BIC Wiring Diagram

*Title of each Drawing downloads the file.

Drawing Number Description Unit Size
17-499-0065-3 3ph  
17-499-0086-3 3ph SW323  
17-499-0124-3 3ph SW320  
17-499-0125-3 3ph Potentiometer  
17-499-0126-3 3ph Potentiometer SW323  
17-499-0127-3 3ph Potentiometer SW320  
17-499-0128-3 3ph Signal Converter  
17-499-0129-3 3ph Signal Converter SW323  
17-499-0130-3 3ph Signal Converter SW320  
17-500-0008-3 3ph MOD-20 Signal Converter SW323  
17-500-0010-3 3ph MOD-20 SW323  
17-499-0131-3 1ph Lo  
17-499-0080-3 1ph Lo SW323  
17-499-0132-3 1ph Lo SW320  
17-499-0069-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer  
17-499-0133-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer SW323  
17-499-0134-3 1ph Lo Potentiometer SW320  
17-499-0135-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter  
17-499-0046-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter SW323  
17-499-0136-3 1ph Lo Signal Converter SW320  
17-500-0011-3 1ph Lo MOD-20 Signal Converter SW323  
17-500-0012-3 1ph Lo MOD-20 SW323  
17-499-0137-3 1ph Hi  
17-499-0138-3 1ph Hi SW323  
17-499-0139-3 1ph Hi SW320  
17-499-0140-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer  
17-499-0141-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer SW323  
17-499-0142-3 1ph Hi Potentiometer SW320  
17-499-0143-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter  
17-499-0063-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter SW323  
17-499-0144-3 1ph Hi Signal Converter SW320  
17-500-0013-3 1ph Hi MOD-20 Signal Converter SW323  
17-500-0014-3 1ph Hi MOD-20 SW323  
17-499-0512-3 3ph CS  
17-499-0513-3 3ph POT CS  
17-499-0514-3 3ph SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0111-3 3ph MOD-20 SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0112-3 3ph MOD-20 CS  
17-499-0515-3 1ph Lo CS  
17-499-0516-3 1ph Lo POT CS  
17-499-0517-3 1ph Lo SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0113-3 1ph Lo MOD-20 SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0114-3 1ph Lo MOD-20 CS  
17-499-0518-3 1ph Hi CS  
17-499-0519-3 1ph Hi POT CS  
17-499-0520-3 1ph Hi SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0115-3 1ph Hi MOD-20 SIG.CONV CS  
17-500-0116-3 1ph Hi MOD-20 CS