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Flowserve provides a wide array of specialized pumps, high-temperature mechanical seals, and isolation and control valves to address your most challenging issues.

Efficient solutions essential to your industry

Reducing auxiliary power consumption is critical to a successful geothermal installation. If your pumps are using too much power, they are directly reducing your plant’s efficiency. Flowserve products are engineered to reduce energy consumption and deliver maximum efficiency where it’s needed most.

If your plant uses an organic binary system to convert heat into power, Flowserve has what you need there, too. Our experience in ORC binary plants is extensive.

Protecting your overhead

Needless to say, geothermal plants require routine maintenance. But being small and in remote locations, customers are challenged to support a plant with limited staff. Our service contracts, tailored to your needs and budget, can help you efficiently maintain operations without incurring high costs.