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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Flowserve innovations in the Concentrated Solar Power industry have helped our customers reduce costs, maintain high output and continue to gain efficiencies in their operations.

Engineering to withstand the most punishing conditions

With temperatures reaching as high as 600 degrees Celsius, you need proven, specialized CSP equipment that can take the heat and keep on running. Flowserve is a world leader in this technology, providing a full-system package of pumps, valves and seals that stand up to the most punishing conditions.

Innovating to bring down the cost of CSP

The solar power industry is highly competitive and highly innovative. The ability to efficiently store energy and keep the plant running after sunset is the key benefit CSP has over Solar PV technology.

Flowserve has a distinguished reputation of innovation in this industry, and will partner with you to help you innovate where it counts. An example of this is our portfolio of molten salt valves and vertical turbine pumps designed to operate for 30 years in the toughest environments with the highest performance and reliability.

Reducing personnel to increase profitability

We service customers whose operations are small in size and in remote places around the globe. Staffing adequately while preventing unnecessary overhead can be a real challenge. Flowserve is your answer. Look to us for the services you need on an as-needed basis.

Go inside the Flowserve's 3D Virtual Concentrated Solar Power Tower Plant and Parabolic Mirror Plant for consolidated information on all the products we recommend. Explore Flowserve VirtualPlant.