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Midstream Transportation

Flowserve offers innovative and proven solutions for every pipeline application. And while they may look the same, we know that every pipeline application is different, from natural gas to heavy oil applications. Flowserve experts have the design expertise and equipment you need to create and maintain a reliable infrastructure for your specific application.

Flowserve is your mainline to a high-performing pipeline

We understand the challenges to pipeline reliability:

  • Remote and often inhospitable locations
  • Carrying material that includes corrosive elements
  • Harsh conditions resulting from temperature variations to elevation challenges and many other variables
  • Batch-type transport of refined products at varying pressures

For that, and more, you need Flowserve. We’ve earned a pre-eminent position in the global pipeline pumping industry through advanced design, engineered solutions, equipment re-rates and customer service excellence.

Look to us for upgrades and re-rates to existing equipment

Pipelines are also subject to changing conditions. For that, you need a supplier who can modify equipment to meet those changes when they occur. Flowserve engineers have worked with customers for decades to help them upgrade and improve the efficiency and performance of their equipment over time.

Addressing your concerns about the environment

Pipelines need to do more than simply convey material. They also need to meet environmental standards no matter how stringent. Leaks, spills and emissions simply will not do. Fortunately, Flowserve is exceptional at preventing these.

Crude Oil Pipelines

Crude oil transported from oil fields contains salt, water, scale and other erosive agents. These harsh elements, along with temperature, pressure, elevation and more, are tough on your equipment and your infrastructure. Flowserve products and services provide the sophisticated engineering and expertise needed to achieve the best pipeline performance.

Gas Pipelines

For your series of gathering lines, transmission lines and local distribution lines Flowserve has a full complement of valves and automation for every facet of pipeline operation. As your one-stop-shop partner, Flowserve provides you with efficiencies and speed without sacrificing quality. LNG requires its own special considerations at production plants, for storage and transportation and for regasification and distribution.

Liquid Pipelines

Flowserve offers innovative and proven solutions for every conceivable pipeline application including crude oil and refined products, natural gas, dense phase CO2, LNG, NGL and LPG. Its expertise extends to products for cavern well storage transfer terminals and loading terminals. And Flowserve has significant experience in tar sands and heavy oil applications, including bitumen, diluent and synthetic crude pipeline.