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Downstream Processing

Downstream processing applications can run into some very tough challenges. That’s why you need a partner with decades of experience and that understands how small mistakes can have big consequences. Reliability and experience are what make Flowserve your partner of choice.

Uptime, throughput and yield

With large volumes, low margins and millions at stake you need a partner that knows how to minimize the opportunity for error by maximizing reliability. Flowserve has the industry expertise, engineering, and design to help you select, install, and configure the right product for the application. And when an unintended trip occurs, we’re able to quickly get a local engineer right to your site to address and assess whatever needs fixing.

Predictability and reliability of service

When you schedule downtime for replacements and service, it’s imperative that parts arrive on time. We know that time lost is revenue lost, and that you rely on your partners to hold up their end of the bargain. That’s why Flowserve assesses the customer’s processes, documenting equipment in need of support and has the appropriate supporting inventory to get them up and running in case of emergency. And when unexpected shutdowns occur, local engineers are available for immediate repairs and maintenance.

Environmental and safety considerations

The goal is that valves open and close when they’re supposed to, and that nothing leaks--ever! This is difficult to achieve, we know, especially with some applications that pose unique problems, like coal liquefaction. Fortunately, Flowserve has the science and engineering expertise to meet even your toughest refining challenges. We ensure that our products comply with the latest environmental standards and that leaks are not an issue, regardless of how extreme the conditions.

Your learning library

Explore Flowserve VirtualPlant:

  • Tour the 3D Virtual Refinery for consolidated information on all the products we recommend.
  • Explore the VirtualPlant to experience 3D models of plants in key industrial applications.

Learn about our advanced decoking system:

  • Watch a series of videos to discover how our fully integrated decoking system optimizes output, increases reliability, and provides unparalleled personnel safety.
  • See all of our equipment and systems for hydraulic decoking.


Much attention has been given to biomass and its modifications as a substitute for fossil fuels in the developed world. Among the modifications are biogas, alcohol, and biodiesel. Many of these operations are small independently operated facilities that Flowserve has excelled in supporting and servicing.

Catalytic Cracking

Flowserve offers solutions for catalytic cracking to help you exceed expectations.

Coal Liquification

Coal is one of nature’s most obdurate, but valuable, resources. Flowserve engineers have spent decades perfecting specialized equipment designs and systems for coal liquefaction applications that are durable and tough to reduce mean time between repairs.


Since the first modern delayed coking unit was installed in 1928, Flowserve has pioneered virtually every pumping technology advancement in this essential residue conversion process. Through its Worthington, IDP, Byron Jackson and Pacific heritage brands, Flowserve has become — and remains — the refining industry’s preferred partner for delayed coking process pumps and hydraulic decoking systems, with more than 200 installations worldwide.

Discover how our decoking system is fully integrated to optimize output, increase reliability, and provide unparalleled personnel safety.

See all of our equipment and systems for hydraulic decoking.


Flowserve offers solutions for distillation to help you exceed expectations.

Gas Processing & Sulphur Recovery

Natural gas processing will encounter significantly more raw sour gas as the sweet crude becomes more and more scarce. The sour gas has a high content of H2S that needs to be removed and the sulfur contained.

Gas to Liquids (GTL)

At Flowserve, we’ve applied our long history of engineering reliable products for gas plant operations to emerging gas to liquids technology. This longstanding expertise applied to both Fischer-Tropsch and Mobile processes, enables you to capitalize on nature’s resources and improve performance with fewer pollutants.


Converting gas oils to high-grade gasoline requires extremely high temperatures and extremely high pressures. Flowserve solutions are built and engineered to withstand these tough conditions for continuous uptime and high performance. This enables you to create cleaner-burning fuels.


Hydrotreating is an established refinery process for reducing sulphur, nitrogen and aromatics while enhancing octane number, density and smoke point. Flowserve actively and successfully pursues and operates comfortably in the demanding hydrotreating applications.

LNG Import & Export

When handling this crucial energy supply and tough application, you need a partner with predictable solutions. Flowserve has a successful record in LNG pipelines, liquefaction applications and the return to gas regasification process. You get predictability and reliability with the highly engineered products and global presence of Flowserve.

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)

Flowserve provides a complete line of ISO/API, ISO/ANSI and generic service pumps and mechanical seals to handle virtually all NGL operations—from deethanization to depropranization to debutanization. Variances of temperature, pressure, and materials used throughout these techniques require the specialized engineering of an industry leader to ensure maximum efficiency. That would be Flowserve.

Petroleum Refining

Refining comprises a series of increasingly brutal process steps from relatively mild vacuum and atmospheric distillation to the extremes of catalytic and thermal cracking. Equipment and materials of construction are pushed to their limits. Flowserve ensures that their reliability and safety are considered first and foremost.

Residuum & Heavy Oil Upgrading

The key ingredient to a successful process for this application is the ebullated bed reactor recycle pump, engineered and designed by Flowserve. Our product portfolio features this pump and other highly engineered pumps and valves that stand up to the rigors of this important process. Flowserve has a wealth of experience in this difficult application that is critical to the continuous operation in the ebulator.