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Other Industries

Regardless of your industry, you have everyday pain points that need to be addressed--and remedied.

That’s where Flowserve comes in. Whether its paint, water, gas, chemicals or liquid fertilizer you’ve got to move, we’ve got solutions to do it. Efficiently. Economically. And safely.

What’s more, we’ve got a world-class service and support team ready to jump right in whenever and wherever you need them.


Flowserve has the pump you need to move liquid fertilizer into your tractor-drawn tanks.


Automotive paint needs a pumping solution to ensure high-quality operations. Flowserve pumps ensure that shearing doesn’t occur and are engineered for high-efficiency.


Flowserve sump pumps avoid rainwater collection on your construction sites to keep you on schedule.


Electronic applications start with Flowserve. Our pumps have the safety and efficiency to handle chemicals to begin the electronics process.

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems must run when they’re needed. Flowserve pumps and valves ensure they do.


Pumping hot water and air has its challenges. Flowserve pumps are engineered to avoid warping, to handle fluctuating temperatures, and to avoid heat loss.

Industrial Gases

Moving gasses to your main facility can be hazardous. Our portfolio of solutions makes the handling of gases of various chemical properties easier and safer.

Palm Oil

Flowserve is a single-source supplier of process equipment for the palm oil industry. We provide an array of products and services ranging from pumps and precision mechanical seals to control and manual valves. You can rely on the strong and proven range of SIHI products for the various services needed in mills and refineries. Flowserve Quick Response Centers are equipped with the necessary engineering, manufacturing and servicing capabilities and equipment to serve you.

Shipping & Marine

Our German-engineered thrusters keep oil platforms in place in the middle of the ocean.


Ski resorts depend on Flowserve pumps to keep them running year-round, because they handle high pressure, high flow, and cold temperatures with ease.