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Getting all the steps correct

Gaining the knowledge to improve plant performance and reliability immediately requires the correct sensors, software, signal communication, analytics, cloud storage and remote monitoring technology. Deficiencies in any of these areas can keep you from getting a complete view of your equipment’s performance.

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At the Edge

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  • Sensors are compact and easy to install
  • Reliable, scalable, secure and interoperable
  • Cost-effective due to low investment costs
  • Interfaces with most existing sensor systems currently found in process plants

Flowserve offers a range of sensors that reliably and securely collect and transmit detailed performance data from any rotating equipment (critical or non-critical). Our sensors collect all the real-time data you’ll need to understand equipment performance and keep your operation up and running. This information can include vibration, temperature, flow rate, the presence of fluids and more.

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  • Wi-Fi, cellular or long-range WAN networks
  • Transmit data without costly hardware
  • Securely transmit data up to six miles
  • No line of sight required at the plant

Asset health monitoring and predictive analytics require sensors to transmit data over long distances. Flowserve’s open-source communication platform means you can use sensors from any OEM and easily expand your capabilities as your needs evolve.

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Gateway and the Cloud

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  • View performance metrics through simple and clear visuals
  • Immediately see which equipment is in an alarm state
  • Review historical equipment information
  • Accessible from anywhere

Having terabytes of performance data at your fingertips is useless if you can’t review them in a simple and meaningful way. Flowserve Insight 2.0 portal consolidates equipment performance data in an easy-to-interpret dashboard so you can immediately see which assets are experiencing problems and act quickly to proactively prevent failures and disruptions. Using the portal, you can also benchmark asset performance against industry averages and create a centralized view of information.

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Data Analysis

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  • Based on proprietary models, methodologies and industry experience
  • Analytics designed specifically for pumps, valves and seals
  • Diagnose nearly twenty failure modes
  • Compatible with existing infrastructures and platforms

Flowserve is unique in the industry because we develop data analysis software and algorithms based on our unmatched pump, rotating equipment and fluid motion expertise. Unlike other offerings, our software and analytics can learn from equipment lifecycles, predict their future working life, diagnose equipment problems, and prescribe the exact steps to fix them.

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  • Let Flowserve detect and diagnose problems
  • Free up internal resources
  • Partner with us to gain efficiencies and lower costs
  • Value-added field, engineering and training services

We’ve been in this business for a long time; we know how to optimize equipment to ensure safety, reliability and peak performance. Bring Flowserve monitoring and analysis capabilities to your operation and free up your internal resources. We can monitor a single pump at one location or provide comprehensive monitoring across your enterprise.

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