A good neighbor in the community: Tlaxcala, Mexico

Flowserve associates make health, safety and community investment a top priority

Flowserve associates accomplish extraordinary tasks every day. Sometimes it’s going above and beyond to serve a customer; other times it’s putting safety first or exhibiting ethical behavior in everything we do. In Tlaxcala, Mexico, they are doing all that and more by investing in the well-being of their associates and changing the face of their local community.

From a sustainability standpoint, our Tlaxcala facility became one of the very first companies in its area to meet all federal environmental regulations. They were honored with a Clean Industry Certification – a recognition that came directly from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection Agency of Mexico (PROFEPA). Tlaxcala also focuses on bettering the environment by taking on projects like reducing energy consumption and, both at home and work, properly using appliances to reduce the cost of electric bills.

For Tlaxcala, health and safety is a top priority. Several associates completed training and received their Industrial Medicine, Hygiene, and Safety certifications. Using this to the advantage of the facility as whole, new training programs were implemented that meet the highest standard of industry compliance. This also inspired great projects such as reducing and recycling used oils, and safety campaigns for employees and their families. During a couple of different occasions around the holiday season – a time of year typically prone to a greater level of lost-time accidents – Tlaxcala held safety campaigns designed to engage associates’ families in safer behaviors at home and at work. The children were invited to design posters promoting safety awareness, which were then displayed in the facility to remind all associates that safety doesn’t just affect you at work; it’s important to practice safe behaviors at home too.  

Fortunately for its surrounding community, the good doesn’t stop there. Associates regularly get involved in running marathons for charitable causes. Most recently the group participated in Volkswagen’s race for a better environment. For every runner, the automotive company donated a new tree to be planted in the Popocatepetl National Park. Other notable races include the Race for Women’s Abuse Prevention; Kardias Race supporting the Heart Disease Association; Exer Site race raising donation for children’s cancer treatments at the local hospital; and supporting local students by participating in the Puebla University race, which donates profits to low-income students. “Maintaining an active life is a good life” rings the motto of the facility. To further support this mantra and really make it come to life, associates built a local sports site where associates and their families can engage in activities during lunchtime and outside of work.

“The best part about working for a company that encourages community investment is the benefit of directly helping people in our local area. People within the community see our efforts and become motivated to work with Flowserve to help others,” says director/general manager, Operations.

Bettering local environments and supporting community initiatives are both active parts of the Flowserve sustainability vision. Tlaxcala is an excellent example of how promoting a better environment externally creates a positive environment internally too.