Flowserve to Support Europe’s Largest Flood Control Project

The Flowserve Afsluitdijk Project Bolsters Our Reputation As The World’s Most Recognized Flood Protection Pumping Solutions Supplier Dedicated To Making The World A Safer Place.

Flowserve’s concrete volute pumps (CVP) will play a vital role in The Netherlands’ flood management strategy when they are installed in the iconic Afsluitdijk causeway’s new pumping stations. Flowserve has a long history of solving massive fluid motion challenges and has installed pumps in large flood management projects around the world. The company developed the first concrete volute pump in the 1930s and also collaborated with The Netherlands on its vast flood management plan, which led to the construction of the original causeway 80 years ago.

The Afsluitdijk causeway dams off the Zuiderzee, a saltwater inlet of the North Sea, and turns it into the Ijsselmeer, a freshwater lake. At 32 187 km (20 miles) long and 91.4 m (300 ft) wide, the causeway is an engineering marvel and a symbol of the country’s constant struggle against flooding from the sea. However, rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions are threatening its ability to endure.

Flowserve’s CVP offered The Netherlands a reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution that will protect the country and its citizens for decades to come.

Features like a corrosion-resistant CVP concept and a high-efficiency design make these pumps a strong choice for drainage and flood protection applications. The pumps’ rugged, compact construction virtually eliminates vibration problems, which reduces maintenance labor and costs. And their pullout design simplifies installation and enables them to be installed once the civil work is completed, reducing installation costs.

Concrete volute pumps combine Flowserve’s most efficient hydraulics and pumping capabilities with a fish-safe hydraulic design, making them nondestructive, safe for aquatic life, and a perfect addition to the Afsluitdijk’s new pumping stations.

When it comes to flood control, failure is not an option. Countless lives and livelihoods depend on reliable flood protection. Whether it’s the daily security of a major city or the ongoing reclamation of a nation’s low country, Flowserve’s equipment and application expertise tackle the most critical flood control projects.

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