New Engineering Center in Budapest to Support Design-to-Value Innovation

One of Flowserve’s latest innovations is the creation of a new Global Technology and Engineering Center (GTEC) in Budapest, Hungary, that features a dedicated design-to-value (DtV) center of excellence.

The DtV process focuses on using voice of the customer and benchmarking tools to

  • Understand what features and functionality customers value,
  • Identify the current design best practices, and
  • Integrate that information to minimize the costs required to deliver the desired features and functionality.

Subject matter experts from product design authority teams will partner with supply chain, operations and product management staff to benchmark Flowserve and competitor products.

To enhance the capabilities of the GTEC engineering talent, Flowserve acquired CFD.HU, a Budapest-based engineering consulting group founded by two professors of fluid mechanics from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics: Laszlo Bumberak and CFD.HU co-founder Gergely Kristof, PhD.

The DtV team offers wide-ranging fluid mechanics knowledge and know-how and will serve as a valuable technical resource for associates throughout Flowserve’s Global Engineering organization.