Making a difference in Kalamazoo

Every year, the employees of the Kalamazoo facility reach into their pockets – and their hearts – to give back to their community by participating in the Christmas Gift and Food Basket Program. The program is organized by a committee of Flowserve Kalamazoo employees and encourages associates to donate gifts and money that benefit needy families in the community. Flowserve matches donations from Kalamazoo facility associates, making each employee gift double the impact.

Planning for the Christmas Food and Gift Basket Program begins in early December. After receiving a list of needy families in the community from The Salvation Army, volunteers contact families, collect money, confirm addresses and plan delivery schedules. The coordination of these behind-the-scenes tasks is crucial to the success of the program.

A local grocery store teams up with the Kalamazoo facility to provide a discount on food and helps package the items into boxes. Then, a trucking company donates time to pick up the boxes from the grocery store and delivers them to the Flowserve facility. Finally, Flowserve associates generously give their own time by personally delivering the food and gift baskets to the families in need.

“In 2010, the Kalamazoo team celebrated its 68th year of this program by providing food to 150 families in the community,´ said the Christmas Gift and Food Basket program coordinator. “As you can see, Flowserve employees have contributed for many years to bring holiday cheer in the form of food and gifts for hundreds of the neediest people in our community.”

Thank you to the Kalamazoo associates whose generosity and giving nature make this program a success each year.