Desio Brings Flowserve Academy to Schools

Flowserve Desio is partnering with technical schools to offer Desio Flowserve Academy to local students in Italy. The academy provides theory, practical training and plant tours to enhance students’ knowledge of lean manufacturing, safety, technical drawing and other skills. Besides educating young people, the corporate/social responsibility endeavor paves the way for a positive relationship between the local community and Flowserve.

“The Desio plant is well-known for organizing numerous initiatives for the local community,” said Alessandro Pedroni, General Manager. “Flowserve Academy is part of our tradition and also brings added value for us, creating connections with potential employees for the future. In addition, the academy affords an opportunity for growth and development for our managers, who serve as program volunteers.”

Flowserve operates two facilities in Desio – a foundry and main workshop – which predominately produce API engineered pumps. About 450 employees work in management, engineering and other technical areas, contract management, administration, sales and shop operations.

The scholastic partnership marks a fresh approach between schools and corporations in Italy. Since its inception in 2013, 2,567 students from five schools have participated in the two-year, full-scale training program. Nineteen Flowserve managers have volunteered their time to the school.

Tina Camnasio, Safety Representative, and Aldo Steffenini, Manager, Manufacturing, have served as Desio Academy coordinators. Both described the program as a fulfilling opportunity for students and the company.

“Flowserve Academy is growing year by year and is very appreciated by schools as well as the business community,” said Camnasio. “We are proud to say that other companies in our area ask their technical candidates for a Flowserve Academy Diploma as a certification. Also, this initiative was featured in a booklet from the prime minister’s office about best practices in education.”

Added Francesca Pietroforte, Human Resources Manager: “As a new associate who recently joined the company, I am very impressed with Flowserve Academy. In Italy, it is quite difficult to find this type of strong partnership between corporations and schools. The students who later become Flowserve employees are better prepared and already oriented to the ways of the company.”