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Flowserve Academy is your one-stop shop for all your pump and mechanical seal training needs. Whether it is a custom course taught at your location or one of our catalog courses presented at our state-of-the-art Learning Resource Centers, we can assure you’ll receive the best training from the most experienced staff available.

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Focus on Your Facility’s Reliability and Safety With In-depth Training

Plant safety and operating performance are directly tied to how well your workforce understands your processes and equipment. When new people join your team, or you introduce new equipment and processes, it is critical that your operators, maintenance personnel, technicians and engineers can all get up to speed and keep up with new technologies as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

That’s why every year more than 3,000 engineers, operators, millwrights and maintenance personnel worldwide count on Flowserve Academy’s in-depth training and extensive course content and delivery formats. Investing in Flowserve courses, webinars, certifications and competency programs helps your team advance the skills, know-how and confidence they need. The more they know about your pump systems, the greater their ability will be to solve real-world problems — as well as prevent and handle potentially dangerous situations.

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Boost Your Pump IQ With Training From the Gurus

Flowserve Academy helps your team expand their skill sets from the basics all the way to the most advanced topics. Our global instructor team has more than 225 years of combined experience in every industry, from water treatment and oil & gas, to chemical and power. Their pump experience and insider’s knowledge are essential to mastering all aspects of flow control.

Our approach to training is a little different than what you would get from other manufacturers. When others train you how to work with a pump, it’s their pump brand — period. In our training, you’ll work on pumps from all manufacturers, not just ours. We teach the principles of how things work, where and how to look for trouble, and how to keep things running smoothly. We train you how to solve problems and improve processes — not just fix specific hardware — with sessions ranging from fundamental classes for new employees to deep-dive, expert programs for seasoned professionals.

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Advance Your Business With Competency Programs

These days, company expectations are higher than ever. Companies are looking for training programs to help maximize plant asset availability, equipment reliability, mean time between repair, and boost installation proficiency. All of this can be achieved by better enabling and preparing your workforce.

This is not a cookie-cutter solution; we realize various levels of training are needed. Therefore, Flowserve Academy offers classes with varying proficiency levels so students can grow at their own rate and apply the knowledge they learn before starting on the next course.

Also, our competency enhancement programs help students gain greater proficiency; the Academy recognizes when specific training courses have been completed and students have attained a level of mastery of the material. Flowserve proficiency is offered in pumps, mechanical seals and pumping system analysis, and its programs focus on assessing and developing skills in three fields:maintenance, operations and reliability.

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Get Hands-on at Our State-of-the-art Learning Facilities

What students learn in the classroom, they’ll experience in the labs. Our state-of-the-art Learning Resource Centers emphasize hands-on learning. Students spend between 40 and 60 percent of their time in learning labs: tearing pumps apart; replacing seals; comparing serial to parallel performance; and seeing and feeling cavitation.

We have even gone so far as to create a new method of training. Our CYBERLEARNING platform immerses students into real-world situations, eliminating safety threats to personnel or equipment. All this helps students apply their practical experience and operational knowledge.

The Academy’s network of Learning Resource Centers makes classes accessible and convenient. Classes at the Learning Resource Centers allow students to focus on training and remove the distractions of day-to-day problems. We also offer on-site classes. The advantage of this option is that your employees get real-world training on their own equipment and processes. On-site training is custom designed around your people, processes and equipment — offering the individualized instruction that drives performance.

Learning Resource Centers are comprised of lecture rooms and pump laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia. We teach more than 1,100 courses and over 3,000 students each year at our centers around the world.

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Customized Training on Your Terms

The real differentiator are on-site classes, which allow us to customize trainings for your processes, equipment and personnel. Any of the standard classes can be modified to provide the specific training needed to maintain your processes. This allows students to get up to speed and become more comfortable with their everyday activities.

It may also be necessary at times to create and develop a training program. This may happen if you have a lot of young, upcoming personnel joining your process or there is a new API specification release. Whatever the reason, this is where Flowserve Academy really makes a difference. We will spend the time to figure out what knowledge needs to be filled, what problems have been encountered, or any other criteria that is uncovered. Customized training programs can usually be rolled out to multiple locations, ensuring all of your facilities are getting the same benefit.

Because of our strong belief that hands-on training is the key to retention, we can bring complete pumps and demonstration models for students to work on in the labs. Our commitment to lab training was also the driving force behind creating the CYBERLEARNING suite from the ground up. These simulations allow operators to test what they have learned in real-world failure situations, usually going much further than a real demo would safely allow.

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