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Our Sustainable Development Path Forward

Flowserve seeks to achieve business success in an ethical and socially responsible manner, while minimizing our environmental footprint. To achieve this success, we will work to continuously improve our operations by:

  • Increasing energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, conserving water, and reducing waste
  • Fostering a work environment that supports employee health, safety, diversity and inclusion
  • Engaging with customers, communities, governments and the public in an ethical and socially responsible manner
  • Partnering with suppliers who share the same commitments to ethics, human rights and environmental stewardship
  • Providing superior products and services to advance environmental and societal improvement and progress
  • Maintaining a strong governance structure to manage risks and capitalize on market opportunities
  • Compiling social and environmental metrics to gauge our progress toward fulfilling this commitment
  • Sharing sustainability metrics data with stakeholders as we seek to continually improve our performance