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Flowserve Videos

As a global organization with a 230-year history of providing flow control products and services, Flowserve has much to say about our wide-ranging technical expertise. But we also have much to say about our company, people, customers and corporate culture. Through the years, we have created numerous videos about all aspects of the Flowserve organization.

Access videos quickly and easily

To give you fast, easy access to Flowserve expertise, we have created a new microsite — Flowserve Knowledge Center — that consolidates the wide range of videos into one simple and user-friendly experience. You can filter videos by topic, and each video page recommends additional videos and content that you may be interested in.

What’s popular now

Here are the Flowserve videos our site visitors are currently watching:

  1. Valtek FlowTop GS General Service Control Valve
  2. Logix™ 3800 — Maximize Production and Reduce Operating Costs
  3. Calder™ DWEER™ Energy Recovery Device Animation
  4. Logix™ 3200 Positioner Calibration
  5. Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbines — Calculating Unit Efficiency and Power Recovery
  6. Gaspac® Dry Gas Compressor Seal: Elegance Raised to an Ultra-High Bar
  7. Edward® Equiwedge™ Gate Valve — Exceptional performance for critical applications
  8. The INNOMAG® TB-MAG™ — Rethink the Mag Drive (Original)
  9. The Flowserve® SLC Slurry Seal is Slurry Tough
  10. Flowserve Online Asset Monitoring and Analytics

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