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Valtek® Valdisk™ Butterfly Control Valve

Engineered for high capacity and low-pressure loss

The Valtek Valdisk high-performance butterfly control valve is engineered for high capacity and low-pressure loss. It is ideal for high-cycle applications that require a durable control valve solution capable of delivering reliable control and throttling accuracy. The Valdisk control valve is designed to provide long-lasting, bubble-tight shutoff in a variety of oil and gas and chemical applications, including pressure swing adsorption (PSA), air separation, chemical refining and others.

Valtek® Valdisk™ Butterfly Control Valve

High-performance throttling

The Valdisk control valve has a high-thrust cylinder actuator coupled with an eccentric-cammed disc, which enables unmatched, high-performance throttling.

Greater throttling accuracy

A single pivot-point, splined shaft minimizes lost motion between the shaft and actuator, resulting in greater throttling accuracy.

Improved uptime

The soft seat provides tight shutoff in both flow directions. This improves leakage resistance and uptime.

Lower maintenance costs

The double-offset disc design minimizes seat and disc wear as well as leakage, which extends seat life and minimizes maintenance costs.

Multiple configurations

The valve is compatible with a range of actuators and is available in multiple configurations, including cryogenic, flangeless and double-flanged, to meet a variety of needs.

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