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Honoring the Most Innovative Fluid Handling Technologies

ISC2 Innovation Award: 2010 Flow Control Award Winner

FlowserveRecently, Flowserve was honored by Flow Control Magazine as a winner of the 2010 Flow Control Innovation Award, honoring the year’s most innovative fluid handling technologies.The readers of Flow Control magazine chose the ISC2 Series Cartridge Mechanical seal as a winner of the award because of the unique thermal management features, durable overall seal product life, and ability to eliminate seal leakage in hazardous environments.

At Flowserve, we continually improve solutions for our customers through product development and technology advances. ISC2 seals were developed to meet all major international standards while adhering to the sealing industry’s most comprehensive best-practice standards. Our designs feature high reliability and result in lower inventory needs – something our customers have come to expect from Flowserve.

The ISC2 series of standard cartridge seals are an example of the cutting-edge technology from Flowserve. The ISC2 seals feature several design innovations, including thermal management technology for lower-running temperatures, robust seal face drive mechanisms to better tolerate sticky and high viscosity fluids, high-efficiency barrier circulation that maximizes cooling in dual seals, and rigid setting devices that feature ease of installation.

For more information about the ISC2 Series Cartridge Mechanical seals, check out the article Introducing ISC2 Mechanical Seals or view the Flowserve ISC2 Series video.