Product Announcements | OCTOBER 2020

Durco® Mark 3™ ISO MAG Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pump

Flowserve now offers the Durco® Mark 3™ ISO pump with a sealless magnetic drive to meet your hard-to-seal chemical process needs. It’s well-suited for applications involving the movement of acids and other hazardous or toxic fluids.

Durco® Mark 3™ ISO MAG Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pump

Simplify installation, provide maximum safety, minimize total cost of ownership and more with Durco Mark 3 ISO MAG pumps.

There can be no one-size-fits-all approach to safety, so we offer three configurations of the Durco Mark 3 ISO MAG pump: CBMM Long Coupled; CBME Close Coupled for fluids up to 350oC (662oF) without cooling; and CBME Heat Barrier for fluids up to 400oC (752oF) without cooling. Each configuration comes in 32 sizes.

    Heating/cooling jackets are available for high- and low-temperature applications. In addition, two back pullout options make maintenance safe and easy, while three containment shell selections (Alloy C-4, High-efficiency Alloy C-4 and Ceramic no eddy current losses) feature 1:1 interchangeability.

    The Mark 3 ISO MAG pump complies with ISO 2858, ISO 5199, ISO 15783 and CE standards. Models that comply with the following directives are also available:

    • ATEX II 2G T1–T5 (2014/34/EU)
    • CUTR

    Target industries

    • Basic Chemical
    • Fine and Specialty Chemical
    • Petrochemical
    • Pharmaceutical

    Maximum safety

    Ensure personal and environmental safety in hazardous and/or toxic conditions. Seal-less magnetic drives provide leak-free performance across a wide range of applications. High quality containment shells, in three material selections, combined with secondary control ensures that even in the case of containment shell damage, the pump will handle hazardous liquids safely and reliably.

    Simplified installation

    The Mark 3 ISO Mag pump can replace any ISO standard (2858, 5199 & 15783) sealed pump already in service as a direct 1:1 swap out. For tight clearance locations, the closed coupled design with its compact footprint can be used to save space. Both features allow customers to quickly replace “bad actor” pumps that are causing environmental or safety issues without significant effort.

    Reliability and efficiency

    Flowserve engineered the Mark 3 ISO MAG pump to operate over long periods between maintenance and to reliably operate in extremely low and high temperatures. Three containment shell options give our customers tremendous operational flexibility, energy efficiency and cost savings.

    Minimized total cost of ownership

    The modular design of the Mark 3 ISO MAG pump features standard and contained back pullout options. Long-lasting magnets, maintenance-free slide bearings and different options to maintain the pump help to avoid unplanned downtime and costs.

    Market-leading delivery times

    Durco Mark 3 ISO MAG pumps with a sealless magnetic drive are available in four weeks in the bare shaft configuration and in six weeks in standard configurations.

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