Glass of Water on a Beach
Oct 09 - 13, 2022
Sydney, Australia

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Desalination and water reuse provide resilient solutions to efficiently meet the growing demand for water and combat threats to water security. All aspects of desalination and water reuse solutions ensuring water sustainability will be center stage at IDA 2022 World Congress in Sydney, Australia, October 9 to 13. Flowserve’s desalination experts, product managers and sales specialists will be on hand at booth #119 to demonstrate our high-efficiency products and solutions.

Your leading provider of desalination technologies

Flowserve understands the challenges of the industry from an equipment but also business and operation point of view. We therefore support our customers with our desalination experts to overcome technical and business challenges faced in the desalination market. That’s why Flowserve equipment is installed in some of the biggest desalination plants in the world and more than two-thirds of mega SWRO projects use Flowserve pumps and ERDs. We’ve been a leader in desalination since it was commercialized on a large scale, and have partnered with some of the world’s largest desalination engineering, procurement and commissioning (EPC) contractors, developers and end users to build plants using thermal and membrane technologies.

At IDA, we'll showcase our latest highly efficient and reliable Pumps, Energy Recovery Device (ERD) technologies, Valves, Mechanical Seals and End-to-end Internet of the Things (IOT) solution, Red Raven.

Immerse yourself in cutting edge research in Desalination and Renewable Energy by coming to session 4.4 to hear our Director of Global Desalination, Beat Schneider, on Tuesday, October 11 at 4:50 AEST.

A driver in cost-effective water production, energy consumption and system availability

Offering a comprehensive, energy-efficient and scalable portfolio of integrated fluid motion and control systems, Flowserve enables desalination plants to operate economically and grow with demand. Our offerings include pumps for services such as seawater intake, membrane feed, ERD booster and auxiliary services as well as valves and ERDs.

We also offer RedRaven IoT digital solutions for condition monitoring and predictive analytics that enable plants to proactively maintain equipment and avoid unplanned downtime. Flowserve is evolving flow control autonomously using our digital offerings to make improvements in the efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability.

Global support services you can count on

Flowserve is proud to offer local distribution support for parts, repairs and service through nearly 200 Quick Response Centers (QRCs) worldwide. Our full menu of support services also includes engineering and technical resources for application support and ongoing life cycle cost-reduction services, as well as condition monitoring and maintenance contracts that guarantee availability and efficiency of equipment.

About IDA 2022

First held in 1987, the IDA World Congress has been a global meeting point for promoting the appropriate use of desalination and water reuse technologies as a critical part of addressing the world’s freshwater shortages. IDA World Congress 2022 will consist of panel discussions, a technical program, keynote presentations, an industry-driven exhibition, and specialized workshops. Global attendance from public and private sector leaders, researchers, and academics in desalination, water reuse, energy, and environment for participants on technical and business topics to ensure a secure water future.


4.4 Cutting Edge Research in Desalination and Renewable Energy

Beat Schneider

Tue, 10/11/2022

4.4 Cutting Edge Research in Desalination and Renewable Energy


Beat Schneider

DateTue, 10/11/2022