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Conflict Minerals Policy

We support the objectives and intent of U.S. Conflict Minerals legislation and will fulfill its SEC reporting requirements.
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Supplier Tax Forms

Flowserve requires that all US vendors provide a Form W-9 and all non-US (foreign) vendors provide a Form W-8. New IRS reporting requirements are making it mandatory to determine if a vendor is US or foreign (Non-US) in order to identify income earned in the US.  The purpose of this law is to detect, deter and discourage offshore tax evasion by US citizens or residents who are directly investing outside the US or indirectly earning income inside or outside the US through a non-US entity. This impacts all withholding agents in all countries and a thirty percent withholding tax can be imposed on undocumented account holders and non-compliant foreign entities. In response to this, Flowserve now requires that all US vendors provide a Form W-9 and all non-US (foreign) vendors provide a Form W-8.

  • U.S. VendorsThis information relates to domestic vendors, with a U.S. permanent establishment or address. These vendors generally file US tax returns.
  • Non-U.S./Foreign VendorsThis information relates to foreign vendors, with a permanent establishment of address outside of the U.S.