Durco Mach 1 Sleeveline Plug Valve

The Durco Mach 1 Sleeveline Plug Valve is the first non-lubricated plug valve to allow in-line repairability which offers the customer greatly reduced maintenance time.

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Pulp and Paper, Polymerization, Slurries, Acid Transfer, Ultrapure Water, Ag-Chem, Alkylation, Brine, Chemical Processing, Chemical Transfer, Corrosive Services, Fertilizer, Inorganic Chemicals, Mineral Processing, Mining, Organic Chemicals, Scrubbers
  • Industries:
    Caustic and Chlor-Alkali, Chemical and Liquor, Coatings, Cooling Water - Metals, Desalination, Descaling, Distillation, Leaching Acid, Logistics and Tank Farm, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Slurry Processing, Solvents, Acid Transfer, Utilities, Alkylation, Volatile Organic Compounds, Bleach Chemicals, Water Handling and Treatment, Water Injection
  • Standards:
    ASME (ANSI), ISO 9001:2000, ISO

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Durco Mach 1 Plug Valves-The Next Level Bulletin

Durco Mach 1 Plug Valves- the Next Level bulletin. Explains the expansion of this product line to include a new sleeve option.

Durco Mach 1 Sleeveline Plug Valve Product Catalog

Durco Mach 1 Sleeveline Plug Valve product catalog

Concentrated Solar Power Generation

Flowserve's engineered solutions maintain durability and precision in the often harsh environments and process conditions of CSP generation, utilizing designs that minimize leaks, function at extreme temperatures, and resist corrosion and abrasion.

Durco Marathon-Mach 1 User Instructions

Durco Marathon-Mach 1 Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM)

The Tantaline® Surface Alloy Process as an Alternative to Solid Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Learn how Tantaline® brand tantalum survace alloy coating for Flowserve products can reduce cost in higly corrosive applications.

Durco Mach 1 Sleeveline Plug Valve User Instructions (IOM)

Durco Mach 1 Sleeveline Plug Valve User Instructions: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM)

Durco G4 Sleeveline Plug Valve

Description: Flowserve invented the non-lubricated Sleeveline Plug Valve for the most corrosive and difficult chemical services where drop-tight shutoff is an absolute requirement. Nearly 60 years later, there are many imitators but no substitute for the quality and reliability Sleeveline valves offer.

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