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    Flowserve is an industry-leading provider of valves used in a wide variety of global infrastructure industries.


Valtek Valdisk™ Control Valve

DescriptionThe Valtek Valdisk™ is a heavy-duty, double offset butterfly valve used whenever high capacity is needed with the lowest…

Valdisk TX3

BrandValtek, Valtek EMA
DescriptionThe Valtek Valdisk TX3 is a heavy-duty, triple offset butterfly valve that provides reliable long-lasting zero leakage shutoff.…

Valtek Valdisk™ BX Control Valve

DescriptionThe Flowserve Valtek Valdisk™ BX Control Valve is a rugged and dependable butterfly control valve. This valve is available…


DescriptionHigh performance butterfly valve. Triple offset disc for tight shut-off and to eliminate seat wear.