VALTEK FlowTop - High Performance Control Valve

The FlowTop control valve is a high-performance, general application valve coupled with the high-thrust FlowAct pneumatic diaphragm actuator.

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  • Brands:
    Valtek EMA, Schmidt Armaturen
  • Industries:
    Water Supply and Distribution, Water Treatment, Desalination, Snowmaking, Waste Processing, Dewatering & Water Supply, Cryogenic, Steam Systems, Pharmaceuticals

The FlowTop control valve is a high-performance, general application valve coupled with the high-thrust FlowAct pneumatic diaphragm actuator. The modular design allows by using the same body with different types of bonnets, trims and actuators, the reduction of spare parts and offers an interchangeable valve for a broad range of industries and applications.

The FlowTop valve is capable of operating within temperature ranging from -196°C up to +538°C (-321°F up to +1000°F) according to the selected material.

Precise machined plug contours and long stroke lengths results in an excellent control performance. Easy upgrade from standard trims to low noise- or cavitation control trims. Up to 17 kvs/cv-values available per size, allows a wide range of process conditions for each size.

The FlowTop control valve offers a sturdy plug head guide for minimizing vibrations and wear.  Due to the design of a profile-ring - very reliable sealing between body and seat, easy maintenance, no machining required of the body seat area when changing the seat.  With the high quality, live loaded TA-Luft desig (PTFE or Graphite packing) we reach a leakage class
better than 10-8 mbarl/s

FlowTop the
FlowTop meets the requirements of SIL 3/4

DIN: DN 15 - 400 / PN 10 - 40
DIN: 3-Way valves DN 25 - 200 / PN 10 - 40
ANSI: 1/2'' - 16'' / Class 150 and 300
Materials: Carbon- and stainless steel, special materials
End connection: Flanged and butt weld
Leakage class: IV, IV-S1, V and VI
Options: Bellows seal-, Low- and high temperature extension bonnets, Heating jacket, Low noise- and cavitation control trims, Live loaded packing systems, TA-Luft up to +450 C (842 F) operating temperature
Electrical linear- and electrical multi-turn actuators

EN ISO 9001:2000
PED 97/23/EC Module B+D (EC type examination)
DVGW, EC Gas appliance directive 90/396/EEC
DIN EN 161, DIN 3394
TUV approvals for DIN EN 264, DIN 32725
TA-Luft VDI 2440  (Clean Air Act) / DIN EN ISO 15848-1
ATEX 94/9/EC, Machinery directive 98/37/EC
DIN, EN, AD-Merkblatt 2000, ANSI, ASTM, ISA, CSA
EN 1349, EN 60534
NAMUR, VDI/VDE 3845 and 3847
SIL 3 / 4 acc. to IEC61508                                                                                                                                              DNV Type Approval (for classification of Ships)


Modular and compact design
High kvs- /cv- values
Standardized low noise- and cavitation control trims
Profile-ring sealing between body and seat
Direct mounted accessories (no piping required)
Short delivery times

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FlowTop DIN

PN 10-40 (English)

EC-Type Examination acc. to PED

FlowTop Modul B (English & German)

FlowTop ANSI

Class 150 & 300 (English)

SIL Certificate

FlowTop/FlowPro (English)

FlowTop DIN

PN 10 - 40 (French)

IOM Control Valves

Operation Instructions (European Languages)

FlowTop DIN

PN 10-40 (German)

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