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    Flowserve is an industry-leading provider of valves used in a wide variety of global infrastructure industries.

Check - Swing

Swing check valveSwing Check Valve

Disc pivot point is well above centerline of flow. The tightest sealing check valve.

ARV2 and ARL Lined Check Valves

DescriptionARV2 and ARL check valves are fully lined with fluoropolymer resin. No wetted metal parts are used. The valves are immune…

ARK2 Atomac lined swing check valves

DescriptionFlowserve‘s fully PFA lined Atomac swing check valves are ideal for use in highly corrosive applications and can replace…

Swing Check

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionAnchor-Darling Swing Check valves are designed to prevent the reversal of flow in a piping system.

Air, Water & Oil Services Valves

DescriptionFlowserve Vogt Valves offers valves for Air, Water & Oil Service in the form of globe valve, angle valve, check valve & Y…

Sour Service Valve Applications

DescriptionVogt offers a number of valve series that are manufactured under a controlled manufacturing system that assures all materials,…

Check Valves

DescriptionFlowserve Vogt Check Valves are forged from fine grain steel and are available with threaded, socket weld, or flanged ends.…

Swing Check Valve

BrandNoble Alloy
DescriptionThe Flowserve Noble Alloy swing check valve is the choice for erosive, corrosive services. The valve is manufactured using…

Series 1878 Swing Check Valve

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionThe 1878 Swing Check valve features tight sealing, an optional resilient seat for LLRT applications and a minimal pressure…

Forged Steel ASTM A350 Grade LF2 Valves

DescriptionFlowserve Vogt LF2 Valves meet all requirements of ASTM A350, Grade LF2 for environmental conditions where temperatures frequently…