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    Flowserve is an industry-leading provider of valves used in a wide variety of global infrastructure industries.

Check - Piston

Piston check valvePiston Check Valve

Disc moves parallel to flow path. Good for low or pulsating flow rates.

Edward Flite Flow - Lift Check Valve

DescriptionA large bore, cast body check valve with a body guided disc that offers superior leak tightness and performance. Available…

Edward Bolted Cover Piston Check Valve

DescriptionA small bore, forged valve with a bolted cover for easy maintenance. Available in class 800 and 1500 from sizes 1/2 to 2…

Univalve® Piston Check Valve

DescriptionA small bore, forged body piston check valve with a body-guided disc. Available in class 1690, 2680 and 4500 from sizes 1/2…

Air, Water & Oil Services Valves

DescriptionFlowserve Vogt Valves offers valves for Air, Water & Oil Service in the form of globe valve, angle valve, check valve & Y…

Condor Piston Check Valve

BrandNoble Alloy
DescriptionThe Flowserve Noble Alloy Condor piston check valve is the choice for difficult check valve applications. The compact and…

Series 1878 Piston Check Valve

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionThe 1878 Piston Check valve features a contoured flow path for maximum Cv, quick disassembly and a smooth, investment cast…

Tek-Check Check Valve

DescriptionThe Valtek Tek-Check non-slamming piston check valve provides rugged performance and reliable service in corrosive and non-corrosive…

Series 800 Piston Check

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionThe 800 Series Piston Check valve feratures positive, low pressure sealing, an optional resilient seat for LLRT applications…

Zero Leakage Forged Steel Check Valves

DescriptionFlowserve Vogt Valves Zero Leakage Class 800 Check Valve is customized to meet zero leakage service requirements with the…

Lift Check Valve

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionPiston Lift Check valves are generally used in applications where pressure drop through the valve is not critical, although…

Y Pattern Globe & Check Valves

DescriptionThe body/bonnet threaded connection is designed to support the full longitudinal stress induced by the operating pressure.…

Hydraulic Oil Service Valves

DescriptionFlowserve Vogt Valves For Hydraulic Oil Service

Check Valves

DescriptionFlowserve Vogt Check Valves are forged from fine grain steel and are available with threaded, socket weld, or flanged ends.…