Cameron Hydraulic Data Book

A handy reference on the subject of hydraulics and steam.

A handy reference on the subject of hydraulics and steam. Edited by C.C. Heald. Nineteenth Edition, First Printing.

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Comments about the book:

How did I survive without it? -- Ilene Gingerich, PE AH Environmental Consultants

I have recommended your book to my colleagues. It is an indispensable reference. It has everything you could need.

I just replaced my Cameron book which I wore out, literally. I've been a registered engineer for 45 years and have used it for most of those years. -- R. W. Sullivan Company. Senior Engineer

I teach a Chemical Engineering lab that involves a lot of fluid flow applications, I was familiar with your book prior to coming to the university, working in industry 23 year where I used your book all the time. I tell my students that this is one of the most helpful reference books that they can have in their files.

It is a great resource for a process engineer. Lots of useful information that can be used in many different applications.

Love the book!! Used it frequently during my Co-Op period, then as a quick reference/answer guide while doing homework. Excellent layout, easy to use, highly informative, great value. Have recommended to all of my fellow students in the field. Thanks!!!

Super. An indispensable reference for anyone that works with fluids.

Very useful reference book for this in engineering, especially mechanical engineering. It's a must have for those calculating, purchasing, or specifying pumps.

Cameron Hydraulic Data Book