Flowserve Norbro

Norbro Recognized as a leading actuator for the industry, the Norbro range of actuators provide high performance and longevity in a modular design.

33R 180 Degree Actuator (Europe/Asia)
DescriptionFlowserve Norbro's series 33R 180 degree actuator is derived from the world-reknowned 40R pneumatic actuator and has been…
40R 90 Degree Actuator (Europe/Asia)
DescriptionThe Flowserve Norbro actuator is recognised as the leading name in the quarter turn pneumatic actuator market. Designed for…
75 Electric Actuator (Europe/Asia)
DescriptionSeries 75 Electric Actuators are used throughout the industrial world for on/off, throttling, variable cycle and any analog…
P61 Two-stage Actuator (Europe/Asia)
DescriptionDesigned for the control of batch/filling operations, the P61 provides rapid, repeatable and highly accurate control in both…