DWEER™ Dual Work Exchange Energy Recovery

Able to recover up to 98% of the energy in the brine stream, the DWEER is the most efficient energy recovery device developed to date. Offering numerous advantages over alternative technologies, the DWEER delivers superior performance and lower total cost of ownership.

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Flowserve DWEER Animation
The DWEER can have a substantial impact on SWRO plant operating costs and can add value to plants for decades. This video highlights the features and design of the DWEER and how the system can provide exceptional efficiency while keeping costs low. The animation can be found in additional languages here.


The most efficient energy recovery technology available today. No other technology achieves higher efficiency or lower plant operating costs.

Its unmatched operational flexibility, specifically its wide operating range and tolerance of foreign objects, translates into extremely high availability and reliability.

Wide operating range enables plants to easily accommodate normal fluctuations in demand.

LinX™ valve offers precise control of the energy transfer mechanism as well as the operating speed of the system.

Materials and clearances can pass objects up to 50 microns without incurring damage, so special flushing procedures, strainers or filtration systems are not needed.

Quiet operation – less than 83 decibels – means noise hoods or enclosures are not needed.

Its installation versatility, basic header requirements and lack of extra equipment such as noise enclosures, strainers and filters greatly simplify plant construction.

Extremely low maintenance costs, high availability and 25-year service life contribute to low total cost of ownership.

Operating Parameters

  • Brine flows to 350 m3/h (1.4 mgd); greater flows can be achieved by placing multiple DWEER units in parallel
  • Pressures to 75 bar (1090 ft)

DWEER Dual Work Exchange Energy Recovery Application

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